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You can find here a set of resources that usefully complement our book: blank versions of the canvases, additional case studies, links to a selection of readings and videos, and slide decks for instructors. All this is free of charge and regularly restocked. So, help yourself and check for updates. Also, don’t hesitate to share your own resources!

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“This book is rigorous, entertaining and it leaves the reader with a host of useful prescriptions on how to thrive in the platform economy.”

Tobias Kretschmer
Professor of Management and Director, Institute of Strategy, Technology and Organization, LMUMunich

“Finally! An easy-to-read, pragmatic, and no-nonsense toolbox for entrepreneurs who want to be successful in the booming platform business world!”

Bart De Ridder
Intelligent Platform Services Lead France & BeNeLux, Accenture

“This is THE book for anyone interested in founding, growing, or transforming a business into a platform.”

Chiara Farronato
Assistant Professor of Business Administration,Harvard Business School

“A must-read for platform entrepreneurs (to be) or for ‘traditional’ entrepreneurs willing to analyze the opportunity to move towards a platform model!”

Charles-Albert de Radzitzky
Co-founder and CEO, Spreds

“With Platform Strategies, Belleflamme and Neysen offer us a valuable addition to the ideal library for platform entrepreneurs anywhere.”

Annabelle Gawer,
Chaired Professor in Digital Economy, University of Surrey